NCCT Presentation Guidelines

Presenters are required to present their papers live using Google Meet (Screen I & Screen II) during the conference day (26th August 2023). All authors are requested to send their photos (which would appear in the Google Meet window) to the Conference Chair at during the presentation day.


1. Each oral presentation is allocated 9 minutes. One shall spend not more than 7 minutes on presentation and 2 minutes on questions and discussion with the chairs and attendees.

2. All authors are requested to SWITCH ON their video during their individual presentation.

3. Use appropriate font size to make your slide readable without effort; typically, 20 point fonts should be used.

4. The presenters should introduce themselves to the session chairs before the beginning of the session to allow a smooth running of the session.

5. Each session will be moderated by a session chair.

6. During the paper presentation, all microphones should be muted and all authors are encouraged to intract with the pesenter during the Q&A session.

7. Online participants will utilise the chat to write down any questions if they have any during the conference day.

8. All presentations should be prepared according to the Hinweis template available at PPT | PDF.

9. All presentations should be forwarded to the conference chair by e-mail to

10. For the Q&A session, one of the authors will need to be available online after their presentations to answer questions from the participants.


The Presentation Slide should be in the Hinweis Template, available at  PPT | PDF. Send your Presentation Slide to